10 Things To Help You Increase Your Bookings!

Do you feel like you are doing all the right things, posting lots of moments, doing lives, following students, and you're still not getting the bookings that you want?

Palfish are still hiring teachers, and there is plenty of work to go around, but there are a few things you may need to consider if you feel that that work isn't coming your way.

Here are 10 things you can do to help increase your bookings!

Profile Picture

Have a look at your profile photo! Does is it appeal to parents and children? Is it bright, colorful, clear, and inviting? Are you smiling?

Remember that our profile picture is one of the first things parents and students will see when they click our profile, so we want to make it professional but as fun and welcoming as possible! An ideal example of a good profile picture would be of you, smiling happily in your Palfish classroom, wearing your blue t-shirt of course! (You can buy some funky T-Shirts from my online store too if you want to be really fancy!)

Maybe you could even use some fun and cute AR filters too! Let your creativity run wild!

Intro Video

Re-watch your intro video and make sure that the lighting is good, that you can hear yourself very clearly, and that you are looking straight into the camera at eye level! Ideally, this video should be filmed in your Palfish classroom to give parents and students a sneak preview of what lessons with you will be like!

Don't make the video too long or complicated. 1 to 2 minutes should be just fine!

When watching your own intro video, ask yourself: Would it make someone want to book a lesson with me?

You want to make sure your intro video is friendly, interesting, and fun!

Written Intro

Emojis! Students love Emojis. Make sure your written intro has lots of them!

Keep your intro short and simple, with easy to read sentences.

Make sure the information in your written intro is relevant to Palfish, you may have a 10m swimming certificate, but that doesn;t really help you to be a good teacher, and it may just confuse parents and students with the extra information and dilute the more important things!

If you would like to see a sample written introduction check out my other blog post here and then you can tailor it to suit your own style!

Another tip, if you can't speak Chinese it may be best not to put any Chinese in your written intro, unless you can get it checked by a native speaker first! Google translate is not always reliable ;)

Class Audio

Try listening to one of your class recordings (which you can find under the Me tab, and then Records!)

Make sure that your audio is clear and understandble, and that it is loud enough!

If there are any issues, you can consider using a device with a better microphone, or buy a headset/microphone!

Palfish Classroom Background Redbubble

Classroom Background

This is another very important aspect to consider!

Your background should be colourful and engaging, and welcoming to your students!

You don't need to spend a lot of money on this, you can print lots of posters out to stick up on your wall, just make sure that all the area behind you on the camera is as colourful and fun as possible!

If you did want to invest a little bit in your classroom background (or need something that's easier to move around or travel with than a bunch of posters!) I do have a variety of travel-friendly classroom background tapestry designs available on my Redbubble store!

Reward System

Now I must admit, It took me a while before I got set up with a rewards system in my classroom, but when I did, let me tell you it made a HUGE difference!

Everyone loves commendation, especially kids, and it can really make them enjoy the class so much more and enjoy learning, so they will want to come back and learn with you again and again!

My reward system is very simple, I just printed out an A4 chart for the wall and some different coloured hearts and stars and drew faces on them, and I get the kids to choose a colour/ emotion each time and they LOVE it! So definitely, get yourself a simple little reward system! Get creative!

Lesson Review

Make sure you always use the students name in reviews, whether it was a trial class or a regular student!

Always begin and end the review with something positive! And try to include at least one personalised comment to that specific class!

Class Lighting

This one is easy! Nobody wants to look at a dark screen! Make sure the lighting in your classroom is good, and that students can see you clearly.

Teaching Style

We all have our own personal teaching styles, but there are a few basics that we all should incorporate into our teaching, particularly clear speech and good facial expressions! Make sure you always appear happy and smiling in class! It's not always easy, especially if we aren't feeling particularly overjoyed that day. But being energetic and positive is vital for a good class, and to get more bookings!

Staying hydrated, regular snacks, jumping jacks, maybe even a quick walk in the garden or on the balcony can refresh you in between classes, and keep that positive and happy energy going!


Try to keep a regular and consistent teaching schedule every week. You'll never get regular bookings if you don't have a regular schedule!

If you don't have any bookings for the following day KEEP THE SCHEDULE OPEN! You never know when you will get a last minute booking or even a pop up class. You don't have to be tied to your desk all day doing nothing but make sure your classroom is ready and wear your blue T-shirt, ready for work when it comes rolling in!

Keeping a regular schedule also shows Palfish admin that you are a serious and responsible teacher and that will encourage them to recommend you to more parents, meaning more bookings!


And of course, on of the most important factors, be positive!

This includes not just during classes but also outside of class! Remember to always be positive when talking with other teachers on the app, or when posting moments or posting in group chats. Palfish staff can see what teachers write and post, and when they see us enjoying ourselves, and speaking positively about the company, of course it will encourage them to entrust us with more work!

Once you have checked all these areas and made adjustments accordingly, you are sure to see an increase in your Palfish bookings

I hope this blog post has helped!

Happy teaching everyone!