Palfish Referral Code Tutorial

How To Apply + Palfish Interview Process: Tutorial + Guide!

Ok, so you're ready to go and get yourself set up with Palfish, so... what now? I hear you ask! Fear not, Bridie is here to help your application and Official Kids Course Interview go smooooothly! ;) You can download the app with this link onto your phone or tablet and then in your profile you should see me listed as your inviter under your settings! ( If not you can enter my invitation code as shown in the step-by-step images! ^-^ )

Palfish Payoneer Sign Up


You will first need to sign up for a Payoneer account (very similar to Paypal) as this is the platform through which Palfish will pay our wages! It's free, quick, and simple to sign up for an account. If you sign up using my referral code for Payoneer we both get an nice little Β£20! (25USD) Sweet! Oh and make sure the email you use for your Payoneer account is the same as the one in your Palfish Profile so you can get paid! Good Good!

Palfish Teach English Online Profile Application Tutorial Guide


After you've downloaded the app you can then go ahead and get started Filling Out Your Profile!

You will need to upload a child-friendly profile photo (you can change this at any time), and verify your identity using a passport, birth certificate or other supporting document!

Next, you will need to upload a picture of your teaching qualification(s)! This is required to pass the verification process. You can upload any other educational certificates, qualifications or degrees you have as well but this is not mandatory!

Then you can write out your text intro! Here is a general idea of what a nice little Palfish text intro should look like (Feel free to copy and paste!):

πŸŽ‰Hello everyone! I am Teacher (YOUR NAME) πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰

⭐I have X years of teaching experience! I love teaching students of all ages! πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

I am TEFL/TESOL/CELTA qualified!πŸ“œ

I am from .....! I currently live in ....! 🏠

I have a neutral English accent that is clear and easy to understand!πŸ₯³

I am a very happy and fun teacher! 😊 We will have lots of fun my class! πŸ₯³

My hobbies include...

✈ I love travelling! I have been to ....

❀ I can't wait to help you learn English!

Let's learn together! See you in class!

See, simple is best! Also, the more emojis the merrier, kids love them! (And adults too hehe!)

Record your audio intro! This is so potential students and parents can hear what you sound like before they decide to book a class with you! You can read out your text intro for this part. Make sure you speak slowly and clearly! ^-^

You will also be asked to set your FreeTalk rate!( I set mine high so that I do not receive FreeTalk calls, as I only like to teach Official Kids Course!)

AND THAT'S IT FOR THE APPLICATION PART! Easy right? Now your application may take a day or two to be verified. Once you are verified you can then schedule an interview for the Official Kids Course! Exciting stuff!

My original palfish classroom for palfish teach english online interview


In the mean time, let's get you set up with a Blue T-Shirt (Palfish Kids Course Teacher Uniform Requirement, if you'd like to get yourself a nice one with a Palfish logo on it I sell various different t-shirts here!) and a nice little classroom! As you can see from this image, you don't need much for a good Palfish classroom! Print or buy some nice kid friendly posters, at least one picture with the Palfish logo, grab yourself a daft headband and blue t-shirt and you're good to go!

Here is a picture of my original Palfish classroom when I first started and did my interview, super simple! All the posters I made myself just on a graphic design app and printed them out! The Palfish logo and a bunch of other fun Palfish-related media can be downloaded from the website!

NOW fast forward a day or two.... now you're verified, you can apply for the Official Kids Course and schedule your interview!

To apply, click the link at the top of your Palfish account home page. You will need to choose a minimum of 7 available teaching slots (which can be changed or adjusted after your interview success) and finally book a time slot for your demo interview!


The demo class you will teach in the interview is one of the trial classes you will be teaching as an Official Kids Course Teacher, it is called Hello Monkey! Once you have booked your interview, you will then be able to go into the classroom and review the material, so give yourself at least a few days to prepare and get familiar and comfortable with it.

When you teach this demo class there will be no student or interviewer in the classroom! It's just you and the camera (so pretend like you are teaching a star pupil who gets all the questions right!).

As soon as the in class countdown timer hits 0, you need to begin by making a short introduction of yourself, your classroom and your props(1-2 minutes will be good). Then you must show how to explain to a student how to circle something on the screen. An easy way to do this is simply ask 'Can you show me YOUR finger?' and then ask 'Can you draw a circle on the screen?' and draw a circle yourself! Then you're good to go and get started with your pretend lesson!

(For those who have Applied For Palfish using my referral code, message me in app with your e-mail, and i will share with you the free palfish starter pack!)

You must also make sure you teach the class for the full 25 minutes! The classroom timer will be there so you can keep an eye on how you're doing. (This is a requirement for all classes you will teach with Palfish, you will not get paid if you leave the class before 25 minutes is up, start as you mean to go on!)

Here are some cheeky little pics of what the Palfish Official Kids Course Classroom and the Hello Monkey demo trial slides looks like!

Palfish Classroom Slide Examples Hello Monkey Trial Demo Class Interview Teacher Guide

It's very simple to navigate, there is a TG (Teacher Guide) for every single slide that gives you an idea of what you should be saying and doing in each slide which is extremely helpful! Youd don't have to stick to the guide word for word, but it is there if you need some help with how to introduce or what questions to each in each slide! How fab!

During the class you will be expected to utilise all aspects of the Palfish classroom, so make sure you:

  • Listen to all the songs!

  • Play all the games!

  • Use the AR filters!

  • Use the pen function to draw on the screen.

If you need any help in how to use these functions, please see my other blog post: Palfish Classroom Guide!

USE PROPS What kind and how many you use is up to you, but you will be expected to have at least a couple of toys or flashcards or something to use during your demo class. As the class about Monkeys, i recommend having at least one Monkey toy to use! The trial class also includes Fish, Dogs, and Cats, so you could think about having either a cuddly or plastic toy, or flashcards for these animals too! (As your grow and teach more classes on Palfish you will discover your own personal teaching style and decide what props you need and which you don't, so don't worry to much about it for now, simply focus on the interview!)

AND DON'T FORGET TO USE LOTS OF TPR (Total Physical Response)! (If you don't know what TPR is, you need to do your TEFL again ;)

The interview is really nothing to worry about, you don't have to be perfect, Palfish are looking for positive, happy individuals who try their best to teach well and make classes FUN! It's all about the kids! (I dropped my phone on the floor during the interview and had to scramble to set it up again and still passed, so if I can do it anyone can ;) )

After you have finished the demo 'lesson' and been in the classroom for the full 25 minutes, you can say goodbye to the imaginary kid, and exit the classroom. The interview will automatically be recorded and sent to the Palfish staff for review.

You will find out if you passed within 1-2 working days! (Working days being Monday-Saturday, so if you interview on a Friday or Weekend you probably won't find out until Monday.)

Then you will receive an email from Palfish informing you that you have passed your interview! Congrats!! The email will include some general Palfish FAQ information, which you can then use to complete a short quiz. After that, you're good to go and get started teaching ASAP!

OCTOBER 2020 UPDATE: After you have passed your interview, you will need to complete 2 unpaid probational trial classes (if the student doesn't show up to class, it still counts!). You will also need to complete some training on the Palfish trial classes, which is very helpful and easy to complete! I will write more information about this in a future post! :)

So, it's your first day with Palfish....Eeep! What should you do? Check out my next post to find out!

Palfish Teacher Starter Pack


If you haven't already signed up to be a Palfish Teacher, and you enjoy my content and find it helpful, please feel free to use my invitation code, at no cost to yourself, to sign up with Palfish by clicking this link or entering my referral code: 87574204! :*)

Once you have signed up with my referral code/link, you will receive:








It is greatly appreciated and helps me to continue creating new and helpful content for you and other ESL teachers! As your referring teacher, I will help get you teaching in no time and be there to answer your questions during the application process! If you have any questions, Feel free to contact me using the Contact information found at the bottom of the page! ^-^

I wish you all the best with your Palfish / ESL Teaching journey! <3