What Is The Interview Process?

Once you have had your Palfish Application accepted (see this blog post for help on how to fill out your application!), you will be able to go ahead and book your interview to become a Palfish Official Kids Course Teacher!

The interview process is very simple and straight forward. And in this blog post I am going to walk you through it Step-By-Step!

First, here is a quick overview of the interview process:

  • For the interview you must record a Demo Class.

  • There is no real student on the other side of the screen! It's just you and the camera. A member of the Palfish Team will review the recording of your demo class after you have submitted it to be approved.

  • Assume that the imaginary child is 5 years old, with no English speaking ability!

  • Palfish classes are usually 25 minutes long, but your demo class MUST be at least longer than 15 minutes to pass. the closer you get to 25 minutes the better.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready for your interview, I would recommend at least 4-7 days. After you have booked a time for your interview there are some preparations you will need to make BEFORE your interview....


Your background does not have to be perfect, or take too much time or money! It simply needs to be bright, colorful and kid friendly. You can always improve on your background in the future.

The only official requirement as a Palfish Teacher is that your background include the Palfish logo! You can find the logo on the Palfish website, or if you would like some funky poster designs, feel free to use my referral code to apply for Palfish and I will email you some of my own originally designed Palfish posters and personalised name posters to choose from for FREE ^-^!)

Try and print out some fun colorful posters for your wall! (If you'd like to be a little extra with your classroom background you can find my original designs for fun and colorful Palfish classroom background tapestries here!)


We want to look the part! Palfish Official Kids Course teachers are required to wear a Blue T-shirt (or sweater/hoodie etc.) during every class. So grab yourself a nice blue top to wear for your interview!

As you can see I now wear a personalised Palfish Logo T-shirt with my name on it (you can by your own here!) but of course, this is not necessary to pass your interview or be a great teacher! Any simple blue t-shirt will work just fine!

Another thing that works great to add a bit of fun to your class is to throw on some kind of funky headband, this could be one with animal ears, pom poms, or even a sparkly crown!


As soon as you have scheduled your interview the demo class will appear in your Appointments! (To find out how to find and use the Appointments section please check out this blog post!)

You can then enter the classroom and review the trial material! By using my referral code you will also be sent a step-by-step guide to the Palfish Demo Slides!

You will also need to prepare some props! For the demo class you will be using the Hello Monkey Trial Slides, so you will especially want to make sure you have at least one Monkey related prop! Flashcards are another excellent prop to use! (You receive flashcards for the demo class when you use my referral code! ^^) There is no specific requirement for how many or what kind of props you use, that is entirely up to you and your teaching style. However, Palfish will expect you to use props during your interview.

And now, let's dive right in to the interview....


As soon as that class timer starts, you should begin speaking. The first thing you will need to say is your 20-second self introduction. For this section you will be addressing the Palfish company. Here is an example of what you can say:

"Hello Palfish! My name is Teacher.... I am from....! I love teaching English, and that's why I am applying for Palfish! Welcome to my classroom! I have many props (show props) that I use to make my classroom fun and exciting, as I want my students to really enjoy learning with me!"

And that's all you need to say for that section!


Now, you will switch to addressing the student and begin the demo class. Remember we need to pretend that the imaginary student is 5 years old with no English speaking ability. The first thing you want to say after you finish your self introduction:

"Hello Student! Today we are going to learn how to Circle! Can you show me your finger? Good! Now can you draw a circle on the screen? Great! Draw a circle on the screen! Circle! Circle! Perfect!"

While you are saying this you should use TPR to demonstrate how to circle, and then with your other hand draw a circle on the screen. As the lessons are so interactive and circling is used A LOT, Palfish just wants to know that you have the ability to teach this to a brand new student!

You can also make up a name for your student to call them, I called mine Bobby! ;)

Palfish Pass Your Interview - Introductions slide


Now you can being the imaginary class, and say your introductions!

Remember to use lots of TPR to show your are 'listening' and 'waiting for responses' throughout the demo. for example:

"Hello! (cup hand to ear to show you are listening, wait for a few seconds) Good job! How are you? (again, wait for a 'response') Great! Nice to meet you!"

Remember to smile and react as if there was a student in the classroom with you!


As mentioned before, I have created a step-by-step guide to the Palfish Demo slides which is available for those using my referral code! It will show you every single slide, with a written explanation and helpful tips and ideas for how to teach each slide!

See here for what else is included in my Palfish Teacher Starter Pack!